Label: Epa_sonidos
Catalog#: epa068
Country: Chile
Genre, Style: Techno, Electro
Release Date: 22.02.2011


Daniel Boubet, Chilean who’s now living in Berlin, delivers his first release to epa sonidos Netlabel: The Composing Machines.
Combining two powerful components, Daribone creates a fusion between Electro and Disco. Dark and funny melodies are developed through Analogical sounds, classics drum machine’s like TR-808 and samples recovered from old toy-keyboards like the Rapman Casio. An ironical journey under the “mind-machine” control.

Tracklist: <

01. Casio Breaks Hearing Damage 05:28
02. The Composing Machines 05:08
03. Fantastic Planet 04:34
04. La Mutacion 05:35
05. Marionnette (Ghost Cassette) (Daribone Remix) 05:26

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