Label: Epa_sonidos
Catalog#: epa067
Country: Chile
Genre, Style: Glitch, Experimental
Release Date: 22.01.2011


The compositions of this musical work, were a part of the debut of the book “Años Luz, Mapa estelar de la ciencia ficción en Chile”. A study and selection of the Science Fiction writing, that puts together texts of different Chilean writers from the Thirties to the beginning of the twenty-first century (present) published by the editorials of Puerto de Escape and Universidad de Valparaiso together.

The music of this album that was used as the soundtrack of the launching event at the National Library in 2006 and is being released this (2011) by Epa Sonidos, it is a sort of a missing link between the self-edited debut album of Javier Moraga (“Autodidáctico”, Niño Records 2007) and his second musical delivery, published in the Mexican Netlabel Amplified Music Pollution (“Toma Distancia”, AMP recs 2007)

The music of Años Luz is a sonic journey inspired by serial production, industrialization, robotics, digital sound manipulation, rhythm and of course, science fiction.


01_ Máquinas O Las Sobras
02_ Sin Miedo A La Locura
03_ Máquinas A La Sombra
04_ Amigo De La Locura
05_ Máquinas A La Obra
06_ Amigo De Las Máquinas


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