Label: Toucan Music
Catalog#: tou338
Genre, Style: Techno
Release Date: 01.12.2017

Info: Producing entirely in hardware, with no soft synths, this EP features three original tracks from EE7A with frenetic driving drum machine percussion blended with gritty, overdriven techno riffs and arpeggios. 110 is a harder techno flavoured workout with energetic hi-hat driven beats, while Default has a driving minimal trance feel, and 68 features bleepy, acid riffs and stabs. Also included is a remix of JAde Wii track Blue Leaves, combining a catchy hook and soulful melody with edgy, driving techno beats, and a promo DJ mix from the man behind the EE7A project, Clayton, showcasing the music from the release.


1. 110 – EE7A – 05:33
2. Default – EE7A – 07:18
3. 68 – EE7A – 05:52
4. Blue Leaves (EE7A Remix) – JAde Wii – 06:36
5. Drive EP Promo Mix – EE7A – 21:12