Label: Toucan Music
Catalog#: tou340
Genre, Style: Progressive House
Release Date: 26.01.2018

ЦитатаThis EP features three uplifting progressive house cuts from Aerologic. Kicking off proceedings, Carousel builds with a trance-style riff and edgy bass, before breaking down into a lush pad section with soaring chords and then launching into an uplifting arp section. Emotions Taking Over builds with pumping bass drops, vocal snippets and synth plucks before introducing haunting pianos and pads, finishing with an infectious melody and warm, sizzling sidechained chords. For the closing track, White Label, Aerologic joins forces with Notch to combine progressive house with deep house and old school influences. Launching with a classic retro stab pattern, then bringing in uplifting analogue chords and a upfront bassline, the track then changes direction with plucky deep house riff and bright hi-hats.


1. Carousel [ 6:33 ]
2. Emotions Taking Over [ 5:30 ]
3. White Label [ 7:31 ]