Label: POSEV
Catalog#: PSVC2
Genre, Style: Industrial, Techno
Release Date: Feb 05, 2017
Country: Russia

Notes: Siberian cohesive post-industrial creative association POSEV presents the second compilation of tracks from its members and their sympathizers. All tracks are exclusive to this release and have never been presented before.

Our music is always the part of us, our personalities, and our lives. It describes the perception and exploration of the world. We make music because we have something to say and we must talk. We make music because we can’t but do it. Thus, our legacy is given to the world.

Our creation is a self-decrypting manifesto for ones who want to feel the other side of synthesizer music and look beyond the rhythm and sounds. We are too far from any scenes to imitate them. We’re too original to meet someone’s standards. We don’t do what others want to hear from us. We do what we want to hear ourselves.


1. RIP Cyborg – Red Room 03:40
2. Grey Infantry – Twist Of Fate 05:37
3. Grey Infantry – Voodoo Rebound 06:00
4. Grey Infantry – Dissolution 06:45
5. Suspiria – Tone Death Dance 03:28
6. Suspiria – Shaman Dreams 04:16
7. Suspiria – Sphere 05:20
8. Dragstor – Mind Alchemy 11:00
9. Dragstor – Holiday In Dunwich 12:16
10. Otres – Letters From Vilnius 05:42
11. Otres – Useless Movements 05:33
12. Otres – Straight Road To SF 05:20
13. Oneiroids – Smog Surfers 07:37
14. RIP Cyborg – You Are Not At Home 01:59