Label: lalamusik
Catalog#: lala007
Genre, Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Electro
Release Date: 14 Feb 2017
Country: Switzerland
Mixed and mastered by: benfay at greenfield mill studio

Info: Indira Chang, born 1987 in Panama-City

A strict Catholic parents characterized her childhood.

A learning group, which she joined during their education, enabled her but the confrontation with religion by strong agnostic atheistic influence.

A newfound sophisticated view drove Indira in 2007 to Europe, where she finally settled down in Vienna and started studying at the Vienna University of Technology in Geodesy and Geoinformatics.

Through her strong interest for music, Chang quickly learned to know many people and took a record distribution, which has been very successful through her leadership. By emerging vinyl subculture, the distribution became an indispensable interface between artists and labels.

The analog was never quite enough, however, also the all-digital production of music has always been part of her enthusiasm.
In Vienna and by these circumstances, Indira Chang also learned to know “Lalier”, a Swiss singer-songwriter. The idea for a mutual project was born quickly; the connection of the acoustic with the electronic heaviness exited both.

The album “Urban Fakelore” reflects this ambivalence in musical as well as in the cultural sense with respect to her origin and was mainly produced in Vienna.


01: Intro (second kidney) : 95 bpm : 1:42
02 : taumel feat. lalier : 75 bpm : 4:09
03 : george and the sausage : 80 bpm : 4:01
04 : douche – 120 bpm : 5:43
05 : whistling past the haze : 100 bpm : 6:05
06 : interlude (song of the swamp) : 106.6 bpm : 1:34
07 : surviving in the belly of a taun-taun : 130 bpm : 4:59
08 : slumber : 100 bpm : 2:19
09 : the dictorator : 190 bpm : 2:34