Label: Nu Aura Netlabel
Catalog#: NUA01
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: Oct 2011

About release

It has been a long time since the release was planned to be issued that is why I would like to thank everybody who believed in Nu Aura.

‘One Different Compilation’ is an attempt to make something special..
One of the release ideas is to make a unique illustration for every track. A half of the illustrations was made by the illustrator Anna Smolina, the other part is represented by separate works of absolutely different illustrators.

The image author’s name is indicated on each illustration, as well as the name of composition, which inspired an artist to create an image.

There is a lot of ambient in ‘One Different Compialtion’ but the main thing we wanted to achieve is to get you interested in listening the compilation during the whole one hour and a half, eventually to make the music or its little part catch you as well as it does us.


1. Anthony Distefano – Tristesse
2. Jake Jackson 1976 – Where Will I Go
3. Lilmanjs – Life Is Dreaming
4. Archos – Eternity
5. Quinn Walker – True Of Them
6. Cj Aist – Horse Latitudes
7. Glebich – Dedication
8. Enko – I Wanna Be Your Dog
9. Patrick Quirke – Outline
10. Soft Note & Sokpb Avabodha – Last Day
11. 00* – 0 –
12. 00* – .lll.l.
13. Naono – Fotago
14. Echolov – Zhar Dzhordano
15. s032989 – 11-22-10
16. Jon Baken – Grasshopper
17. Protofuse – Obssessive Dream
18. Fingers In The Noise – Elixir
19. Melomake – Wake Up Inside Sleeper
20. Unknown Cause – Fly


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