Label: Electrolyt
Catalog#: elyt09
Genre, Style: Ambient, Breakbeat, Experimental, Glitch, Electropop
Release Date: 23 Feb 2017
Country: Germany / Switzerland
Produced, mixed and mastered by: Kid Schurke (Roman Schürch) and Brain Hall (Andreas Glauser)
Cover design by: Susana Licéaga

About: At the Brainhall synapses twitch to the beat with joy, when Roman Schürch and Andreas Glauser launch their machines. Frequencies are modulated, punctured, tweaked and pitched. In doing so, the tones and textures of the five tracks are kept well in flux by the fixed rhythm scaffolds and repetitive sequences. Due to the analogue origin of Kid Schurke and Brain Hall’s machine music, the overall sound is organic and warm. This is glitch and hop, industrial noise, ambient and improv jam. Sometimes there are subtle references to the electronic music pioneers of the 70s and sometimes memories of ecstatic synth-thunderstorms on dance floors in the early 90s appear as split-second flashbacks. The long tracks leave space for the music to develop and evolve. Quiet parts turn into tight electro funk monsters and beats disappear in an ocean of frequency modulations. It’s so exciting and inspiring. For the love of electronic music: Haen Zikum Ulus


1. Schneider am Apparat 07:22
2. Als ich alles wusste 11:56
3. Tor 109 10:55
4. Orchestertechnik 15:47
5. Zurueck in Zuerich 21:54



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