Label: Electrolyt
Catalog#: elyt08
Genre, Style: Electro, Electropop
Release Date: Oct 15, 2016
Country: Germany / USA
Written and produced: Andreas Dorwarth & Krystal Bell
Mastering and additional mixing: Florian Malicke
Cover design: Susana Licéaga

Info: Krystal Bell and Andreas Dorwarth return to Electrolyt with their newest release Escape To Mars.

The Ep is featuring 4 tracks of electro-psychedelic bliss, once again proving the duo’s ability to create ear-worm-quality melodies, embedded deeply in tracks, which stray far beyond the usual conventions of modern dance music. At the same time, Lipstick pay respect to their roots in old-school electro, house, minimal, dreampop and spaced out indie-psychedelia. Escape to Mars has been mastered and additionally mixed by Florian Malicke, who is one of the creative masterminds behind the German spacerock- electronica band Messer Brüder. The cover artwork has been designed by Susana Licéaga of the Mexican dreampop-electronica project Aeropuerto.


1. Highspeed Racer 07:36
2. Time Has Come 04:52
3. Helicopter Rain 04:24
4. Like So Many 06:12

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