Label: Mizou
Catalog#: MZ015
Genre, Style: Electropop, Synth-Pop
Release Date: April 01, 2017
Country: Russia / Japan
Produced by: Starcardigan
Mastering by: Up! Up! Up! Music
Cover by: Alex Zhu

Band Description:

Floppy princes of pacific chill, Starcardigan (Electronic Pop, Synth pop) – one of the most progressive Russian band. Starcardigan’s music is modern electro-dance and sentimental dance. Vladivostok city (East Russia) is the homeport for the band.

Album Description:

Zhele is the brand new release from Starcardigan. It is the first time they release the album. The most of album track were made by band while touring great China during from summer to autumn in 2016. You can enjoy the tastes of eight rich electronic pop. It is a mixture of soulful vocal and emotional eclectic band sound. When a deep drum beat synchronized with the human heart beat is engraved, the integration is sublimated to pure musical bliss.


01. Gella
02. Birdie
03. Zhele
04. Tay-na
05. Lechi
06. Electrosemafour
07. Born (Rara Aviz Rework)
08. Taxi