Label: Abstrakt Reflections
Catalog#: AR_069
Genre, Style: Experimental, IDM
Release Date: 25 Apr 2017
Country: Argentina
Original tracks, Mix & Mastering: Jérôme Guiton
Photography: Julien Appert


With “Primal“, let your instincts guide you. Both the predator and the prey you wander into a hostile universe is dark or you are never safe.

Tension is palpable, every snare shot reminds you how much you are not the dominant species here. Basses seem alive and play with you. They catch you and crash you towards unreal melodies and melancholy. And the heavy and deep kicks come crashing to the ground to make you hear the textured crunches of a primary and underground life.

Renoizer comes back here with a more refined and darker style. At the crossroads of genres, he finds his balance and a direction more assumed than ever…


01. Origins
02. Prey
03. Hunter
04. Cannibal
05. Survivor
06. Primal
07. Cannibal (Enkephalin Remix)
08. Hunter (Andrew Course Remix)
09. Survivor (c0ma Remix)
10. Primal (Quadrable Remix)

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