Label: Abstrakt Reflections
Catalog#: AR_064
Genre, Style: Experimental, IDM
Release Date: 28 Dec 2015
Length: 57:01
Mastering: Andrew Course
Artwork: Sarge Grafx

Notes: Into a trot, we roam on the curve of the time spiral, we sink in the ponies textured mane, a luminescent surf on a wave of glowing mites, the rampant cybernetic space, net, precise, alive, without artefacts, of the ground and the sonorous air.

Episodic sheets of purple lawn, hypnoptic wind sculptures carrying an aerial plankton which collapses on big rocks… or dilates itself. Clouds of elliptic melodies, silver bubbles blown against the wind, a universe where everything blows in its time or transforms itself. Interplanetary disorder, synapse in the form of a pinball’s bumper and romance of the vocal signal developing precarious harmonies.

As in many Dyonisian stories where full galloping in the darkness occurs, the bliss stands alongside the subtle humour of small observations, the rugosity of the temporal shift and of the in between two worlds. The nyctalope poney ends its journey, slowly blinded by the rays of sunshine, cracking eyelids and creaking valves, breaking internal disk, one last time, splintering of space and time…


01. Infected Ponies
02. Floor Drain
03. Altered Memories
04. Prolapse Of A Singer
05. Floor Drain (Balkansky Remix)
06. Altered-Memories (The Ghost Of 3.13 Remix)
07. Symbiose Anatomique
08. The Log Lady
09. Jean Sinistre (c0ma Remix)
10. Prolapse Of A Singer (DaFake Panda Remix)
11. Infected Ponies (Andrew Course Remix)
12. Symbiose Anatomique (Ralp Remix)
13. Jean Sinistre
14. The Drum Machine Has Taken Control
15. Transisere

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