Label: Stato Elettrico
Catalog#: SE076
Genre, Style: Techno, Industrial
Release Date: Nov 25, 2016
Country: Australia

Info: The random moments when its remembered to press record are the junctures captured and reworked into the raw body slowly defining itself as ‘strunkdts’. Isolated on the western coast of Australia, ‘strunkdts’ channels memories of rave, punk and broken hearts as eulogies for a dying and insane world. The trash, the chaos, the lies and the uncertainties that constitute a whole lot of nothing are the vessels thru which the work navigates. A haggard, paranoid projection of romantic days past into the ever present unknown. “we all star in hell” are one shots and teasers that were abandoned rather than finished.


1. Got To Be – 04:36
2. Liars – 02:45
3. You Know I Know – 05:55
4. Xub33 – 03:32
5. Gifting Scorn – 04:55

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