Label: Wondermachine
Catalog#: WOND014
Genre, Style: Techno, House, Experimental
Release Date: Nov 8, 2016

Info: Demas (Thomas Bäz, Berlin) contributes generously and continuously to the electronic music scene since many years. He is the man behind Klangscheiben and a myriad of projects. Master of microsampling and extroverted composer, he has a clearly recognisable imprint, achieved by meticulous research and a developed instinct for abstract forms.

Wally Vallee, inspired by a trip thru Europe, in this occasion; he did field recordings in the Valais canton. Once back home, he started the composition process, and recorded the EP.

The project is also European: mod303 is the musical brainchild of two Parisian producers (and real-life brothers) Jeremy and Nicolas Carrasco, the laboratory of Ramacod ( Ramon Macià) is based in Spain, mastering was done by Tobias Lorsbach in Germany, artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx in Bruxelles and Wondermachine is based in Zurich.


1. Drau?en – 06:02
2. Drau?en – Ramacod Remix – 05:54
3. Edith – 06:11
4. Edith – mod303 Remix – 06:16
5. Hermine – 05:56
6. Joosen – 05:59