Label: Toucan Music
Catalog#: tou339
Genre, Style: Deep House, Progressive House
Release Date: 27.12.2017

ЦитатаAerologic and Notch present two remixes of classic Psychadelik Pedestrian vocal tracks in this Toucan Music netlabel release. Notch takes the reins for a deep house reworking of Psychadelik Pedestrian’s 2010 track Tears In My Heart, retaining the uplifting melodies and haunting female vocal refrain while adding crisp and punchy deep house beats bringing the track bang up to date. Aerologic is on hand for a remix of Psychadelik Pedestrian’s 2011 track Upside Down, featuring vocals from Snowflake and originally released on the Transient LP, adding progressive house synth riffs and rhythms to the vocals. Download both tracks free of charge and released under a Creative Commons licence for you to re-use in your DJ sets, podcasts and videos for non-commercial use.


1. Tears In My Heart (Notch remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian – 07:08
2. Upside Down (Aerologic remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian feat. Snowflake – 07:27