Catalog#: su017
Genre, Style: Ambient, Experimental
Release Date: October 04, 2017

ЦитатаWarahraan is an Ambient/Electronic/Experimental music project from Persia founded in the early 2008, inspired by the immensity and grandeur of the nature and cosmos. The music is trying to illustrate the creation through a different view. Warahraan is a journey through magical sovereignties and enigmatic kingdoms, a deep mystical discovery through terrestrial and extraterrestrial zones.

Warahraan means victory and conquest in the ancient Persian language. The other older forms of this word are Verethraghan and Verethragna. Warahraan is the Persian god of Fire, the most sacred of all fires that is a combination of 16 fires as it mentioned in the Avesta (Sacred Book of Zoroastrians) and other ancient Persian sacred texts. The word referring to the Mars (fourth planet from the sun) in astrology. The twentieth day of month is dedicated to him according to the Zoroastrian calendar.


1. Warahraan – Living in a Far Dream 20:10
2. Warahraan – Living in a Far Dream (Short Mix) 05:30

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