Label: Modismo
Catalog#: M020
Genre, Style: Dub Techno, Dubstep, IDM, Ambient
Release Date: 03 Jul 2016
Country: Chile
Artwork: A+A
Compiled: Alisu
Mastered: Miguel Jáuregui Arévalo

Info: Modismo brings a new compilation album with unknown music that celebrates diversity and shows a solid union, coherence and artistic commitment. A light from the world of creation to everyone that wants to see it and embrace it. With new talents, a clear focus on innovation and technology, the forth compilation album of Modismo gathers the most representative producers from this record label. With a selective convocatory of artists, its a musical celebration of its own existence that wants to keep up with contemporary electro in a work full of details. (Javier Moraga, July 2016)


1. Eban Kröcher Travel To Cuba 4:02
2. Mrtn Cstr Cronovisor 4:57
3. Blit Radio 4:11
4. Nostromo Universal Consciousness 4:20
5. M=W Penguins 4:57
6. Alisu Lo Que Quedó Del Verano 5:00
7. Pirata Arbol Genealógico 5:01
8. Jack_plug Cosmonuts 6:33
9. Palm Era Nynya 5:05
10. La Fraicheur Confusion 7:54
11. Tonossepia Vuelve Pronto Porfa 5:38
12. Javier Moraga Frecuencias Litúrgicas 6:14