Label: Studio 4632
Catalog#: #383
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: May 3, 2017
Country: USA
All compositions and music: Cousin Silas
Cover photo: Glenn Sogge:


We always love something new from Cousin Silas! And it is always an honor to present it to you!
We are all familiar with the Silas dronescapes. But…these two, Liminal Drones 3 & 4, Summer And Fall, are a new variety of Silas drone. Much more liminal. Light and melodic, almost symphonic!
You can never expect anything less than amazing from the music of Cousin Silas. This album is no exception. And perhaps a bit better even for it’s uniquity. Enjoy!


1. Liminal Drone 3: Summer 35:57
2. Liminal Drone 4: Fall 39:16

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