Label: Lomeanor
Catalog#: lnl 020
Coutry: Portugal
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: 2010


Very tasty portion of light ambient was presented to our attention by our new friend Akeru few months ago. Main importance and intrinsic value of “Unravel” contained in the fact that it’s pretty much cycled through all of autor’s emotions, it’s a some kind of soundtrack to what was going on it’s life at the time: the good, the bad and the unknown.
“Unravel” was the first complete release of Akeru, it was the one that took the longest to finish and as a result we have got really qualitative and complete work. Here you can find “light” tracks with piano and soft droning to the more harsh, electronic tracks layered with a more doom ambiance and glitches. Enjoy unraveling.


01. Yearning
02. Remain (V2)
03. Auto-life
04. Midnight world where ghosts stay awake
05. Spirals (interlude)
06. Ballad of the ephemeral
07. My garden of perfect symmetry
08. Unravel (I – II – III)
09. Tsuki no hana
10. Edea’s parade
11. Still morning, rain and afterwards
12. Even if it’s all too late
13. Underground activity
14. Someday this dream will end (good night)