Label: Freakyhouse
Catalog#: FHL006
Genre, Style: Dub Techno, Techno
Release Date: 2012


Heavy, slow machines strike out from the traffic lights, a faded radio communication whispers across the streets in Budapest night… This is the time of the snow trucks. András Hargitai aka Banyek drives us through this world with heavy epic, filtered chords and massive dub subs. A mixture of hiss and real radio recordings. This five and a half minute long composition, called ‘Hókotrók’ (Snow Baggers) hits your ears, and project the dark streets of Budapest, in a winter night.

As you know one of Hungary’s dub-tech-techno heads, Kálmán Németh aka Father OhmicRon, you should expect a well prepared, massive musical structure. In this case, quality is the same. Ladder Version creates a world with repetitive coldness, but if you notice the “game” with the melody and the synths, you can easily dive into this almost ten minute-long composition. It is worth checking it. Let it into your ears!

The third track contains the “rebellious-spirit” of Andras Leel-Össy aka Frenemy. He uses a bit harder kicks and drums, but on the other hand, we could feel some kind of “drive far away” feeling, which work well together good. He also plays around with musical structure. Modern Madness, is a restless reflection to the coldest season.

At the end of the compilation, Marcell Deme and Bence Papp Streako & B-Squit ’s track Noorderlicht, leads us out from the deep areas, and provides us the sunlight of a calm saturday morning. They are operating with positive and bright synth tones and not too hard drum kits. Just perfect to demonstrate, that winter is not just about darkness, and cold, a peaceful sense of waiting and focusing on each other.

The release was mastered by Andras Leel-Össy.


01. Banyek – Hkotrk
02. Father Ohmicron – Ladder version
03. Frenemy – Modern madness
04. Streako & B-Squit – Noorderlicht

СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО MP3, 320 kbps / [info]