Label: Nostress Netlabel
Catalog#: NN_LP070_09_16
Genre, Style: Punk Rock, Newwave
Release Date: September 26, 2016

Info: Nostress Netlabel is pleased to present “Etterem’s Catching the Big Fish”, new album of Etterem. Francesco Vecchi from Milano is a musician already knowed in Nostress Netlabel for several albums as Jenseits but also for being the only artist to be present with a vinyl in NN catalogs as Etterem, released in only 50 copies and named “Dark Irish.Some Tunes” presented exclusively at the Teatro Garibaldi Aperto in Palermo on 7th March 2013 during the event called “NN Live 001” with support bands such as Cum Moenia and Cinema Noir. “Etterem’s Catching the Big Fish” is the 70th digital release published in NN. Etterem is a project in which Francesco Vecchi became deeply involved in the creation of sinuous harmonies and sweet with a classical taste, which caresses the violin with the bow that holds between shoulder and chin, making sounds that have a taste of the past and that they are sadly soiled by e-grafts, soft loops and bass lines that make the versatile and dynamic project. A sound path that deviates significantly which focuses on routes which go to psychedelic rock experimentation, where the words and the sounds follow a perpetual motion to consolidate into a single body, strong and full of grafts that include manipulation sound and electronics. “Etterem’s Catching the Big Fish” is a tribute dedicated to the great David Lynch masterpiece, embroidering surreal and dreamlike atmosphere and the desire to bring the listener into a world of art and continuous sound research. In some parts of the Album there are also citations and bass recalls of “La mia anestesia” by Jenseits published in the third NN anniversary compilation, a reference to the past, a common thread, an umbilical cord that seems distant and far away but actually not at all.


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