Catalog#: lvs001
Genre, Style: IDM
Release Date: January 2012
Compiled: Egidijus Kausylas (Egg)
Design: Tomas Toleikis
Mastered: Emery


Our dears, New Year is one of the most important and most beautiful holidays with lots of joy, belief and sincerity. Therefore on this occasion we have prepared you a gift – our first release: LEAVING ELEVEN (LVS001), various artists compilation of 17 great quality IDM, Ambient, Drone, Glitch, Electronic tracks, is out now!

Seventeen different artists with different visions on electronics from all over the world: Digitonal, Hobo Cubes, IJO, Joel Tammik, Krill.Minima, Maps And Diagrams, Mind Over Midi, Ninestein, Pawn, Pleq, Sense, Sleppy Town Manufacture, Sonmi451, Sraunus, The Green Kingdom, The New Honey Shade, Yvat. We would like to thank all the artists involved in this release for their good work, and all the people who support us.


01 Pleq – Someone Like Comes Into Your Life (feat. Fraqsea)
02 Sonmi451 – Tohoku
03 Sense – Mysoul Transition
04 Krill.Minima – Sonnenbad
05 Ninestein – Papa November
06 Yvat – Equant Mirror
07 The New Honey Shade – Human Energy
08 Maps And Diagrams – We Are Not Here To Protect You
09 Joel Tammik – Maa Lugu
10 Mind Over Midi – What On Earth
11 Pawn & Seiji Takahashi – Discolored Photograph Out-Take
12 The Green Kingdom – The Largest Creature (dub)
13 Digitonal – Polaris
14 Sraunus – Begales
15 Sleepy Town Manufacture – Pinqwyj
16 IJO – 3001 Feets Under
17 Hobo Cubes – Systems Expired


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