Label: Sucu Music
Catalog#: SCM-1607
Genre, Style: Experimental Modern Classical
Release Date: July 12, 2016

Info: Yan Terrien comes back with this second release on Sucu Music talking about the suspended atmosphere of hospital corridors.

Music For Corridors magnificently renders that sense of waiting. Each track infact shows the multifaceted aspects of a waiting in a hospital corridor, whether it is you waiting for your own fate or one of your loved ones is.

A waiting which sometime is trustful, powerless, serene, hopeless, heroic, hopeful. It’s a music that’s plenty of intense feeling and emotion, it’s a music that empowers the listener to understand further dimensions starting from lucidly observating details, common objects, views, as the songs’ titles suggest.

The album is mainly piano based, melody and harmony of each track develops accompained with light synths sounds and textures, quirky noises and low distant voices. The sensation is just like if our thoughts were focused on their own, barely distracted by what comes around.

We’re very happy to present a release of a great artist like Yan Terrien for the Netlabel Day 2016 special event, wishing him to present us more and more music in the future.​ – Gaetano Fontanazza


1. Desktop Hall – 03:30
2. Elevator Exit – 05:51
3. Gift Shop – 02:16
4. Lobby – 05:02
5. Room One – 04:16
6. Vending Machines – 05:24
7. Conference Room – 04:10
8. Egress Corridor – 03:52
9. Escalator – 03:38
10. Meeting Point – 03:27
11. Male Washrooms – 03:34
12. Emergency Center – 05:36