Label: Valeot Records
Catalog#: valeot 016
Genre, Style: Experimental, Post-Rock
Release Date: Nov 30, 2016
Country: Austria

Info: After many years in the making, and following an obscure lo-fi CDR release about ten years ago, this is Valeot Records co-founder Peter Holy’s first solo album, this time without materializing physically (the music, not Peter). Peter plays piano and sings, accompanied by Tupolev bandmates Alexandr Vatagin (cello, mixing, mastering) and David Schweighart (drums). The record consists of 9 pieces, 2 of which are re-recordings of songs from the old CDR, one is a reworking of a piece by Tupolev and one piece was also used in a song on Alexandr Vatagins album Serza. The remaining 5 pieces are completely new.


1. 8 01:33
2. three 02:32
3. almost forgotten 01:30
4. ice cubes 02:28
5. shuffling cards 00:46
6. time 02:00
7. statistics 02:45
8. snail shell 02:03
9. finale 01:02