Label: PZ104ORBIT
Catalog#: PZO004
Genre, Style: IDM, Experimental
Release Date: August 31, 2016
Country: Belarus
Mastered: Technoid Mutant
Cover art: Pavel Rassolko

Info: ORGANISM – project playwright and musician Paul Rassolko from Minsk. Formed in 2002, the year with the acquisition of the analog synthesizer “Polivoks”, broken deck “Vega” and the Soviet equalizer. The advent of the computer in 2003 and it “embellish” the sound of music. Favorite software – “FL Studio 9” and “Adobe Audition 1.0” – that is, no “apples” and all that fashionable. ORGANISM is another Pavel’s project that is the most “listenable” and “poppy” compared to his own project [mikra].

Album “Blik” recorded mostly in the “live” via MIDI keyboard. The concept of old: music software, film fragments and other “sound”, randomly snatched from the Internet.


1. Intro 06:03
2. Existential Crisis 02:47
3. Shie 06:13
4. Kaloo 09:54
5. GlamMode 08:00
6. Nospec (SPRMX) 06:02
7. Utechno 07:22
8. Viovisy 05:02

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