Label: La bèl
Catalog#: LBN037
Genre, Style: Experimental, Futurepop, Folk Rock
Release Date: Dec 10, 2016
Country: Italy

Notes: Lorelei is the debut album from duo Feminine (Giampiero Riggio and Francesco Cipriano). A wave manifesto against the deeply rooted reverence for the logic of genres. “Lorelei” develops on two complementary levels: one archaic and passionate, troubled by the many contradictions of a land like Sicily and the other, accurate and bewitching, is a prelude to teutonic Stuttgard. A countless number of bytes which they shared and exchanged remotely. This work is romantic and brave at the same time, constantly immersed into a very deep atmosphere, never trite, fooled by the certainty that there is no dream which cannot be described.


1. Green eyes go wild 03:19
2. Sun 02:51
3. Honeyhunters 03:01
4. Mohican 02:58
5. A ghost too (feat. Laura Loriga) 03:19
6. Happines 02:41
7. Our Sleep 03:41
8. Coral Face 04:14
9. Centuries 03:15
10. Sacred Stones 03:56