Label: Lost Frog Productions
Catalog#: LF091MP3
Genre, Style: Experimental, Hardcore
Release Date: October 8, 2016
Country: USA / Japan

Info: ENE is an experimental electronic music from Richmond, VA. And Jagd Syntax is an extreme hardcore techno music from Osaka, Japan.
ENE: Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Scott Hudgins featuring Robert Miller and Chris Bush on “Bound House”. Thanks and Love to Crux for the DAT20000, and Bward for the Cello, Punk love to all else!
Jagd Syntax: Recorded and Mixed by Shigetomo from Bass2 Records.


01. ENE – Nailed To Macross
02. ENE – Bound House
03. ENE – Please Attacked
04. Jagd Syntax – One Step
05. Jagd Syntax – My Past
06. Jagd Syntax – Six Lines On Me

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