Catalog#: [miniatura056]
Country: Argentina
Genre, Style: Dub Techno, Experimental
Release Date: 13 Dec 2011


AlPlâkx is an electronic music project from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since his childhood, Mauro showed a special interest for drums, instrument that he plays since the age of 12. By the year 2001, he got completely involved into Argentinean electronic scene. At the age of 17, he began to play at several nightclubs. Finally, AlPlâkx solo project, gave birth to his first CD-LTD solo album, towards a dub sound, released in 2007 by Zero Records. This time, he built an EP for Miniatura, presenting a new track from his upcoming new album and including two bonus tracks from last LP, enhanced by Jocksten, Lil Piggy, Infloria and Roebin de Freitas remixes.


01-AlPlâkx – Trâkx Set 0.1 (Original Mix)
02-AlPlâkx – Trâkx Set 0.1 (Jocksten Remix)
03-AlPlâkx – Trâkx Set 0.1 (Lil´Piggy Remix)
04-AlPlâkx – Rectar (Bonus LP Version)
05-AlPlâkx – Rectar (Infloria Remix)
06-AlPlâkx – Ruptura (Bonus LP Version)
07-AlPlâkx – Ruptura (Roebin de Freitas Truth Tracker Remix)


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