Label: Martin Rach
Catalog#: NA
Genre, Style: Dubstep, Electro, Acid Techno
Release Date: June 29, 2017

ЦитатаSprit Juis is the 3-notch outing by Mirth Mara which is one of the aliases of Martinas Rakshtinas, the Lithuanian electronic music producer who has produced very disparate music so far. The recent one is clearly driven by heavily stepping bass rhythms and a bit skewed rhythmic patterns as if losing its balance and falling either downwards or toward left or right side. On the other side, the listener can feel incisive electro and whirring drone tinged gravity which used to elliptically drive and eventually go upward. For sure, it is pure alchemy in terms of chords and rhythmic kicks full of intensity, arithmetical calculations and reversed passion. In a word, get reversed and passionate.


1. Om Transe 03:42
2. Luf Ascid 03:48
3. Baszick Formakon 03:54