Catalog#: FNet032
Genre, Style: Experimental, Minimal-Techno, Breakbeat
Release Date: 11 January 2012
Compiled: Babungus


Project 4 is the most creative and distinctive release to come out of the golden gates of Faturenet Recordings to date. Each track has been made with the same four samples and yet the artists have managed to create a diverse array of dazzling tracks and utilise the samples to their very best.
If you are going to download one release this year, make sure it’s this one!


01. Plasticni – Where You Going
02. Fature – Less Is Four
03. Waverine – Hypomania
04. Hellscion – Novus PM
05. Babungus – Project Whore
06. Seb D – 217 Seconds
07. Nitrogen Mask – Ball Of Loons
08. Incentive – Grasshopper
09. Leithal – 40UR
10. Fafnirrockson – The Cipher Dream Recorder (Re-Start)
11. ThatJeffCarter – She Dared Me To Love Her


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