Label: Enough Records
Catalog#: enrmp393
Genre, Style: Jazz, Modern Classical
Release Date: Oct 18, 2016
Contry: USA

Info: Album by Jared C. Balogh, pushing his jazz and avant-garde influences to a more classical composition album. The tracks invoke the vulnerable uncertainty of falling in love again, inner doubt, introspective reflection, expectations of wanting to connect with someone and being afraid of taking the next step.


1. I Am Hesitant On Pulling The Trigger To Tell You How I Feel – 04:54
2. Let’s Spoon To This Mello Storm – 05:23
3. One Of Us Will Have To Make The First Move – 04:15
4. We Are Now Alone – 03:51
5. A Golden Veil Cloaks A New Born Star – 05:14
6. Jabbing Contusion Please Heal – 04:40
7. Your Love Is Transparent – 01:40
8. A Subtle Goodbye For Our Time Together – 04:30
9. There Is No Such Thing As A Safe Love – 06:20