Label: Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel
Catalog#: pn117
Genre, Style: Noise, Free Jazz
Release Date: 12 Mar 2017
Country: Chile
Design: Mika Martini
Recorded and mastered: Óscar Santis

Info: “Elsa Bergman (double bass) and Óscar Santis (Likembe, mixer, soundboxes, effects, computer), deliver us a generous recording of their first encounter as a duo of improvisers. The album, called Errante, was conceived in its fullness in the magical landscapes of Amereida.

The result is translated in a mixture of exquisite and varietal languages, distinguished by the hypnotic seduction corresponding to the interpretation of Elsa Bergman, who in accordance with her worldview manages to articulate a more onomatopoeic and percussive line as compared to Óscar Santis, the owner of a structured and ferrous sonic vocabulary.

These conversations, generated in an autopoietic state, deliver us soundscapes cemented with Nordic emulsions and the saline corrosion accumulated for decades in the territory of Ciudad Abierta (Open City).

The atmosphere that Errante offers us is divided in seven electrifying cuts, with “Autopista” being the most extensive track (12:05), which ends in magnificent fashion this exchange of musical expectations y concerns that pass through the fields of minimalist electronica and the indelible legacy of free-jazz.”


01. Orilla (05:39)
02. Arena (05:30)
03. Vórtice (06:21)
04. Pendiente (03:59)
05. Corteza (06:38)
06. Antena (09:23)
07. Autopista (12:05)