Catalog#: [broque 078]
Artwork: Sarah Barnert
Country: Germany
Genre, Style: Minimal-Techno, Minimal House, Tech House
Release Date: 01 Dec 2011


Broque’s latest discovery goes by the name of Jérôme Fouqueray, obviously is from France, and (heads-up: stereotype alert!) as such was inspired strongly by the legends of French electronic music. While Jean Michel Jarre and Jérôme’s Casio keyboard were the key sources of inspiration at the age of seven, they were replaced soon by the likes of Laurent Garnier or Agoria. Rooted in his DJ-ing experiences, one can hear very well in his tracks that he has a thing for classic Techno and likes to reprocess his personal history of Techno. Similar to his tracks for Cascabel or Verboten (both from France), his new EP for Broque “Without Understanding” is grounded in the heart of the Techno universe and wallows in darkly oscillating tales of nights on the dancefloor (“Without Understanding”, “Cold Wonderment”), while “Légère Addiction“ feasts on old memories of endorphin-soaked sun rises at after hours of the past. Juno 6 and Alec Troniq rework the tracks in their very own style and close this well-balanced and inspiring EP on Broque.


01 without understanding
02 cold wonderment
03 légère addiction
04 without understanding (alec troniq remix)
05 cold wonderment (juno6 remix)

СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО MP3, 320 kbps, 88 Mb

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