Label: Love & Tonic Records
Catalog#: Love & Tonic Records #010
Genre, Style: House, Dubstep, Electro
Release Date: 14 February 2013

Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike


Nanoloop for iOS/Android has a lot of cool features, but by far the coolest is the “track send” feature. With one tap, you can e-mail a track to another Nanoloop user as raw data and they can import it and remix it just as easily. This is how my first collaboration came about; Jake Allison asked if I wanted to collaborate on a track and in the end we had “Z-Saber.” Eventually he suggested I organize a remix EP with all the Nanoloop musicians we could gather and what you have here is the fruits of our collective labor. 12 remixes from 11 different musicians, from all corners of the globe, across a diverse spectrum of styles. I can safely say there’s something in here for everyone. Well, everyone that likes music.


01. Jake Allison and Decktonic – Z-Saber (Nic B Remix) 02:44
02. Night Drive (UncleBibby Remix) 02:16
03. Night Drive (tozo Remix) 03:36
04. Night Drive (Strong Suit Remix) 02:58
05. Jake Allison and Decktonic – Z-Saber (Jake Allison Remix) 03:29
06. Night Drive (bollocks office “transit” Remix) 03:00
07. Night Drive (Holy Negative 0 Remix) 02:53
08. Night Drive (sylcmyk “Pinkminuit” Remix) 04:04
09. Night Drive (A. Campbell Payne Remix) 02:40
10. Night Drive (Jake Allison Remix) 02:57
11. Night Drive (Forrest James Remix) 02:58
12. Jake Allison and Decktonic – Z-Saber (the ghost servant “Ghostly Earstab” Remix) 05:29


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