Catalog#: [psnet018]
Genre, Style: House
Release Date: 28 Jan 2012
Mastering: Danny Bonnici
Artwork: Benjamin Holmes


Sikander is a collaboration (some say “misadventure”) between sound-designer and crate-digger Pradip Sarkar, classically-trained musician Prem CJ, and visual artist Paul Rodgers, aka Arnold “Eye” Irons – three men with very diverse backgrounds and experiences.

With Sikander, they blend their influences, ranging from experimental sounds, ambient electronica, krautrock, industrial, South Indian classical, Central and South East Asian music, to Detroit techno, dub-tech, acid-house, and UK Bass.

Cinema for the Dead is Sikander’s debut EP, proudly released on Melbourne’s Pinksilver Net imprint.

It features 3 tracks written in the manner of film score, from the early Detroit-influenced opener, Trojan Hound – an ode to the era of Sergio Corleone’s spaghetti westerns to Tiger Muffin, with its funk riffs and fuzzy guitar samples, owes its influences to 1970s Blaxploitation and Bollywood.

The sounds of industrial machinery and 80’s science-fiction led to the conception of the moody Machine Dreams.


01:: Trojan Hound
02:: Tiger Muffin
03:: Machine Dreams


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