Label: This Side Music
Catalog#: TUP010
Genre, Style: House, Techno
Release Date: 2016-10-14
Length: 25:54

Info: After almost three years of silence, This Side Music comes back with a release from one of its founders, the #10 in This Side Up Series.

“Hidden In Folders” is a 4 track EP with unreleased material from Lee’s vault, spiced up, mixed, mastered and delivered fresh.

The release sets off with Another Cosmos, a spaced out deep disco track filled with 80s inspired drums, a hypnotic bassline & warm filtered vocals. Loop-based Deep Freeze combines a chilling sense of deepness with the playfulness of its vocal cuts and string sweeps, a track that can be served on every warmup set. The third track Init 49 is a weird blend of minimal techno and dub. With a name taken from an empty Korg Electribe SX pattern, this track makes good use of the analog drums & sounds from it. TOKENO delivers his own signature minimalistic interpretation, with glitchy loops and matching wicked vocals on the background.


1. Another Cosmos
2. Deep Freeze
3. Init 49 (Original Mix)
4. Init 49 (TOKENO Remix)

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