Label: Toucan Music
Catalog#: tou325
Genre, Style: Electro House
Release Date: 13 July 2016
Photo: Jens Lelie

Info: Beat Doctor returns after five years with three new electro house tracks released for Netlabel Day 2016. Shot In The Dark features a catchy, uplifting bass riff, trance-style arpeggios and a catchy spoken vocal sample. House and garage artist Notch has prepared the final mix for this track, adding upfront house beats to the mix. Remote Control System has a darker, club-oriented flavour, with a raw acidic bassline and an echoing spoken vocal sample bouncing off crisp house rhythms. To complete the EP, Clockwatchers is a more agressive, rave-influenced track with heavy synth stabs and a driving bassline. In true Toucan tradition, all tracks are freely available to download and reuse under a Creative Commons licence.


1. Shot In The Dark [ 5:33 ]
2. Remote Control System [ 5:28 ]
3. Clockwatchers [ 5:10 ]