Catalog#: [KOLLEKTIV005]
Genre, Style: Minimal-Techno, Techno, Tech House, Deep House
Release Date: 05/05/2011

Description: Kollektiv Artists are back with new energies to share !

and this time joined by many new artists

Easy Changes , the lively Moscow based DJ duo, are Kollektiv for the first time,

Also two active performers from Berlin involved are Dr.Nojoke and Sebastian Nielson,

Dr. Nojoke following a great live performance at Save Festival


Then another vibrant talent from Cordoba, Argentina, it’s cool to have Nacho Monetto sharing with us. Recent releases on Bluecode and one coming on bleepsequence a great time for Nacho… Always happy to hear what’s coming from Cordoba, great sounds, Pachyderme, Ywi were all Cordoba too 

Involved for the first time is Kiev based musician Stukturator , following a super Doma release he shares with us his newest track, in collaboration with Deeprest.

Also contributing will be Zürich based artist imiliv, born in Quito-Ecuador, experimental and never with commercial purposes… then a special welcome to ixioideae also from Switzerland, who has just started producing but has a lot to share, exciting debut…

New from Toronto, Canada, is alicia hush- of hush lumb productions- an active DJ, producer, and promoter in Canada – friend and collaborator of fellow Kollektiv Artist, Zaid Edghaim who will also feature on Volume 5.

New tracks from Bobo Lo, Yoma, Sloxxx, Lazzich, SeQ of Doma, Samwell, Floating Mind of monoKraK, Revy of bleepsequence, and Jay Phonic.


1. Easy Changes – Sviat Gepard
2. Sebastian Nielson – The Couch Machine
3. Nacho Monetto – Eudaimonia
4. Strukturator & Deeprest – Kosmogeist
5. Dr. Nojoke – Najanu
6. Yoma – Nameless
7. Andrey Zots – Unnamed 1
8. Alicia Hush – Capital Woo
9. Jay Phonic – Soft Ice
10. imiliv – iliniza
11. SeQ – Nightmare scape
12. Revy – Transplant
13. Samwell – Doors Open
14. Bobo Lo – Promises from trees painted white
15. Sloxxx – Skype Parking
16. Zaid Edghaim – Grasshopping fields
17. Lazzich – togr
18. Floating Mind – I shot myself
19. ixioideae – IFGSV

СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО MP3, 320 kbps / [info]