Genre, Style: Deep House, Techno, Dub-Techno
Release Date: 17 Jan 2012
Cover: CasualSummer


Eric Delay, our in-home pal, produces his new «Four Moments» EP after a long silence he kept for five years. His last performance was also on Fragment, the 12th release of the series.
According to the artist’s words, while working on new material he had to dive into the «disease of the experimenter»: deny all the familiar sounds of the standard moves, starting with a blank face, not knowing what to get.
A thing has turned out brief but very intense. Quiet stingy sounds here construct an interesting interaction between the «moments», when it seems that everything is connected and the album is more like some kind of weird «ecosystem.» It would be wrong to single out any one of the «moments», as the ideas of each of them find a kind of reflection in remaining ones. But even this may not be so important when it turns out that you are simply listening to the touching and heartfelt music.

«If however go deeper, the data in this four tracks is the prism of winter wanderings. We walked around for a long time alone, fell through the snow like Kerrol’s Alice Lewis falling for a rabbit into a bottomless hole. Black night, the city resonating light, snowflakes… The subject of infinite winter walks and partings. Now I think that actually those 4 months we lived for 40 years, but they were all unreal.» Eric Delay

RUS: «Four Moments» Эрик Дилэй выпускает после продолжительного молчания длиной в пять лет. Последний раз его выступление было на «Fragment», 12-м релизом линейки.
По словам артиста, во время работы над новым материалом пришлось погрузиться в «болезнь экспериментатора»: отрицать все знакомые звуки и стандартные ходы, начинать с чистого лица, не зная, что получится в итоге.


01. Moment One
02. Moment Two
03. Moment Three
04. Moment Four



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