Catalog#: fragpod010
Genre, Style: Deep House
Release Date: 14.11.2011


10th anniversary Fragment podcast issue from our Mexican mate – a DJ and just a good guy Carlos Villagomez. Authentic, slow and a bit weird deep house in it’s best – an infinite dance around us. Almost all tunes are spread ablsolutely free under CC license.


01. Matilda Manzana – Osotortuga
02. NavBox – He Likes You Too
03. Death On The Balcony – Cruel Banana
04. Koenig Saatgut – Lonely
05. Scherbe – Foxcolored Eyes
06. Mujuice – Vesna Vnutri
07. Claudia Carotti – Dia Hache
08. DeepHope – I Want So Much To Kiss You
09. Richard Savani – Lovemore
10. Gepe – Horizontal
11. Guy Walker – Broken Your Promisse
12. Sea Oleena – Swimming Story
13. Ivo Vidal – Glosario De Ejercicios


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