Label: blocSonic
Catalog#: BSOG0062
Genre, Style: Trip-Hop
Release Date: Jan 31, 2017
Country: Ukraine

Info: In March of 2016, we were all introduced to a formidable trip-hop producer hailing from Crimea and going by the name of Cutside. His blocSonic debut EP Paramnesia made a lasting impression with his sophisticated and powerful sound. Today he returns with a long player that’ll knock your teeth out and laugh at you.

The instant that you’re barraged by the artillery beats and Unkle Rasta’s menacing rhymes of track 1 “Welcome To Reality”, you come to the conclusion that you’re listening to something very special. That feeling remains throughout. “Point Of No Return”, indeed.


01 – Welcome To Reality (Featuring Unkle Rasta aka Rasta Cee) (4:08)
02 – Shivering Shadows (Featuring Viktor Van River) (3:14)
03 – Dances With The Rain (4:00)
04 – Tuman (Featuring Sgt. Penarlaster) (3:41)
05 – Message For Us (2:45)
06 – Solaris (Featuring Lion from Struggle Crew) (4:48)
07 – Greenlight (2:28)
08 – Amaterasu (2:54)
09 – Temple (Part III) (4:49)
10 – From Then To Now (Outro) (2:22)

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