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JÉRÉMIE GUERRIER – COBRA 94Label: Bitchland Records
Catalog#: NA
Genre, Style: Rock, Lo-Fi
Release Date: Oct 15, 2016
Country: France

Info: BL RECORDS releases finally the new album of JG, called “COBRA 94”. This LP closes the trilogy begunned with “SURBAN STORIES”, completed by “II”, and is the ultimate masterpiece of JG.

Recorded at fall 14 to summer 16, between his flat in La Varenne borough, and Paris 2nd. This album contains 10 songs, more oriented to psychedelic rock, smart punk and cold noise spread.

This album ends a certain sophistication of the music of JG, he will returns in a style much more muscular and raw soon. Pending this, BL RECORDS hope you like the final act of this trilogy, and invite you to keep fighting and free your fucking karma.


01. Some Kind Of Darkness – 07:10
02. Hold On – 06:53
03. Speed & Wind – 06:52
04. The Sun On Your Face – 05:59
05. Runaway – 04:25
06. Soldiers – 06:07
07. Silver Gun – 06:01
08. A Million Miles – 06:43
09. Bitches Do Everything – 05:44
10. Ultimate Power – 05:00