Label: Sostanze Records
Catalog#: SOSLP061
Genre, Style: Dark Ambient, Hip-Hop
Release Date: Oct 2016
Artwork: Giulia Passaretti
Mastering: Fulvio Vitale aka Flux

Info: One listening could be not enough. Not even two. You could be listenin’ to the record at issue the whole winter and still do not get some shades. Probably in five years, you will be still impressed by its newness. This is why the Blckeby’s brand new release, Flying Attitude, produced by Sostanze Records, is such a complex work. Like a raw diamond seein’ light as time goes on, like a thought anguished by an uncertain future. The Rome-based label’s young talent offers bright moods as a result of his live experience in front of an audience constantly increasing, as well as of his natural carefreeness, attitude and smile. Moving from Only in my dreams to You, the release mixes dark themes and oriental melodies, flavored by a hip hop background. Cold deserves a mention apart, a silent exploit, surrounded by basses helpin’ the sound to echo. Do not lose sight of this dude, who keeps on enhancin’ without lookin’ back himself so much. This is what he’s headin’ to.


1. BLCKEBY – You
2. BLCKEBY – Deadly Space and Fairy Tales
3. BLCKEBY – Intercepting Cosmo
4. BLCKEBY – Cold



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