Label: United Studios Corporation
Catalog#: USC-WR-1705.0360
Genre, Style: Ambient, Noise
Release Date: 2018

ЦитатаWhole life consists of questions. We begin to ask them when we realize ourselves as a person, and continue until we dissolve into nothingness. On the path of life we ​​are accompanied by a variety of doubts and fears – they hide deep inside, even if we do not notice it. Once alone in the face of Eternity, we encounter our own existential fears. Our mind has protective mechanisms that defend us. But even they can fall under the pressure of circumstances, breaking the worldview, leading to uncertainty, indifference and loss of faith in everything, giving rise to doubt in the meaningfulness of life without a higher destiny. Religion was once an effective answer to all questions. Faith in a just God who will never leave us alone, saved us from the pain of reason, giving the will to existence. However, reality poses more and more questions, on which religions are not able to give adequate answers. Humanity was exposed defenseless to the soulless eyes of Eternity. And it has to find what question to ask.


01.Why Life and Why Death? (4:30)
02.Anxious Search (8:16)
03.Third Slice of Genesis (4:30)
04.Constant Fear (3:02)
05.Futility of Existence (5:38)
06.Entropy in Us (4:22)
07.Faith’s Disbelief (7:14)
08.The Insignificance (5:20)
09.Silence Before and Silence After (4:42)
10.Questions to Eternity (5:34)