Catalog#: [rwclub015]
Genre, Style: Ambient, House, Techno
Release Date: 01.03.2012


Time, that does not stop, on its way accompanies everything and everything is transformed. Changes around us and our society, changes in our lives and our day by day, changes in our culture, the music industry, and in general, changes in our whole way of perceiving reality. Nevertheless, some things remain miraculously intact and, in some way stoically with the same attitude, challenging the pass of time.

We, the people who make Rawmatroid team, are happy to write these lines after 4 years, feeling the same love, the same pride and equal respect for what we do that we felt the very first day, and keeping the same desire to share all our work with others.

After all this time we thought about doing a small review of the musical history of the netlabel. For this reason, in our now 4 th anniversary of Rawmatroid Netlabel, we have had the selection criteria and musical reinterpretation of Kebiin along with the subjective view of the lens of Javier Alvedro, to be the two of them who write this chapter and tell as a little story about the history of Rawmatroid as mix.

“4 years, 101 songs and 1 mix” is the consequence of a lot of work, lots of conversations, lots of ideas and a lot of dreams come true in 4 years; it’s a present from every one who did one’s bit in the netlabel to all of you. Many thanks and many more stories to tell, may music unites us.


01. Dan Hiroshi – Especias Orientales [rwclass001]
02. Kebiin – K-100 (Welcome To My Strange World Remake) [Future Reference]
03. Astroboyz – Identity [rwclub009]
04. Erreome – Catedral (Original Mix) [rwclub012]
05. Domagk – Gasmaske (James McConaghew Mix) [rwclub009]
06. Frances Lerouge – Tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo (Nil_lo Remix) [rwclub013]
07. Biconnection – Psicotic happyness [rwclub010]
08. Dan Hiroshi feat Suite – Aloof (Miguel Arrieta Remix) [rwclub013]
09. Armed – South Nocum (Frances Lerouge’s Bicos & Apertas Mix) [rwclub014]
10. TechAmplifier – Atelka [rwclub009]
11. A.G.M! & Qintrix – Inner Demon [rwclub009]
12. alDDao – Crazy Love Show (Armed remix vision) [Future Reference]


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