Catalog#: PASS020
Country: Russia
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: Nov 2011
Cover: Thorarinn Einarsson


Ok. After the longtime silence in the field of ambient we’re glad to present you another masterpiece from Novosibirsk-based electronic artist – Speck. Nikita Bondarev sends us a really deep, profound and touchy sonic blanket straight out of the Siberian taiga – the world’s largest terrestrial biome. And he says: “You still alone.”
Can you imagine yourself becoming a tiny spot turned out to be absolutely alone in the middle of those huge plain landscape? But certainly you’ll feel warm and comfortable enough just with you own. So don’t be scared, this is sweet dream for sure.
4 tracks and a picture – that’s not all this time. Soon we’ll post a great collection of natural photos made by Nikita’s mates and a stunning video shooting by Taras Gesh with a bonus track by Speck.


01. You Still Alone
02. Someday My Queen Will Come
03. Untitled
04. Ariel

Time: 00:16:42


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