Label: Tape-Safe
Catalog#: TaFe-76
Genre, Style: Ambient, Experimental
Release Date: May 2017

Info: Fernando Cerqueira aka Rasalasad started its activities in the late 80s with the Atonal fanzine and the SPH label, where he released Jim O’Rourke, Merzbow, Smersh, Maeror Tri, Brume, The Haters, Telectu , etc.
Founder of Thisco records, which has released cds from Rasalasad, Merzbow, Kk Null, Rapoon, Lasse Marhaugh, Jarboe, Von Magnet, shhh … among many others.


1. Biomimic – 02:41
2. Brand new world – 02:45
3. Clouding the brain – 03:00
4. Humans as mutants – 03:11
5. Imaginature – 02:56

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