Label: Enough Records
Catalog#: enrmp400
Genre, Style: Ambient, Noise, Glitch
Release Date: March 30, 2017
Country: Portugal
Cover photo: Steve Corey


This album is about volatile things and moments. Friendships, relationships, life, random situations. It’s about the importance of finding yourself, knowing yourself, not losing track of what’s important. Getting used to navigate through the acid burns that life flings at you, but also learning to understand others, learning to understand yourself. This album is meant to be listened at home alone at 3 AM. Considering other people don’t appreciate loud sounds at 3 AM you might want to use headphones.


1. Introduction to Love – 02:14
2. Yeah, It Was About Love – 02:41
3. They Don’t Care, Dying Is Very Expensive – 03:31
4. There Is Blood on My Mouth – 03:26
5. Slick With Crimson Blood – 02:39
6. Opening the Cut – 01:08
7. Pacified Pool of Blood – 01:40
8. I Find Myself in the Dark Woods – 02:52
9. Take a Moment to Understand Your Internal Guiding System – 03:59
10. Air of a Certain Nervous Stillness – 03:00
11. A Real Man – 08:41

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