Label: Interdisco
Catalog#: id027
Genre, Style: Ambient, Experimental
Release Date: 15.05.2011

Source’s preview:

We’re very excited to introduce you to the Preslav Literary School. Preslav’s ambient drones are an offer of peace and tranquility. Veer is disarmingly heartfelt and has an emotional intensity which leaves you with goose bumps and a deep feeling of sobriety. We’re not talking about waves breaking on the shore, whales mating in the deep ocean, or the like. – No, droning out of Preslav’s tape archive are lost & found violins, ghostly voices, stretched out guitar riffs and industrial soundscapes.

We recommend listening to Veer on an appropriate sound system or headphones to experience the full effect of this record.

Veer uses live recordings of a Preslav Literary School concert at Open Broadcast’s Radio Village, Basel, Switzerland on Friday June 18th 2010. It was mixed and named in Berlin in March 2011. Artwork by Benjamin Laurent Aman. Preslav Literary School would like to thank Open Broadcast, Micz Flor, Benjamin Laurent Aman, Cara Bell-Jones and, in particular, Oliver Hagmann.


1. Unto The Voice
2. Mirth In Funeral
3. This Good Lesson Keep
4. Dirge In Marriage
5. Exeunt


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