Label: Vulpiano Records
Catalog#: NA
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: July 13, 2017

Info: Fathom marks the debut of Murmurous on Vulpiano Records with this special Netlabel Day 2017 release. An apt title, this 20 minute track reaches to the depths and dredges up meditative, swirling drones unraveling until the end.

More information from Murmurous…:

The desire for alienation and detachment from the real world is the main focus of the Dutch drone project Murmurous. Modus operandi: to position abstract, lo-fi and distorted sonorities within a flowing, breathing drone texture. The urge to create electronic music was invoked by Maeror Tri, Bad Sector, William Basinski and Tim Hecker.

FATHOM is a noise/drone piece in which textures become dense and frequenties can be harsh. Yet the breathing movement of the track brings a soothing, mellow quality, inviting you to embrace the sometimes demanding sonic structures.


1. Murmurous – Fathom – 19:38

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